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Touring Antelope Canyon

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There are highly photographed locations that you repeatedly see in posters and computer wallpapers. Amongst these locations is a scenic naturally sculpted slot canyon called Antelope Canyon. Antelope Canyon is located east of Page, Arizona, just across the Utah border. The canyon rightfully takes a spot on the list of the most photographed places. Standing at the bottom of the canyon looking up at the towering smooth red rock flowing all around you with light peaking through is something that experiencing in person beats photographs. No matter how beautiful pictures of it may be.


Upper or Lower Antelope Canyon?

Upper Antelope Canyon is also known as "The Crack." This is the more popular of the two canyons and is probably the one that you have seen the most of. If you have seen pictures of huge light beams and falling sands, chances are you are seeing Upper Antelope Canyon. Entrance to the canyon is not cheap however, you can expect to pay around $50 for a 100 minute tour that includes transportation to the canyon and about an hour to explore. The entrance and exit are located at ground level so there is no climbing involved.

Lower Antelope Canyon, or just Antelope Canyon will cost you about half of what it does to explore Upper Antelope. Exploration of this canyon requires climbing up and down flights of stairs and ladders during the journey. It is considerably more narrow than its counterpart. In my opinion, Lower Antelope is the more "fun" hike and equally as photogenic.


Getting to Antelope Canyon

The canyons are located on a Navajo reservation and are only accessible through a guided tour. This makes sense as you explore at the base of canyons that's over 100 feet deep and prone to the flash flooding that helped create its beauty. They are a few miles apart from each other.

There is one service that offers tours of Upper Antelope canyon, and two companies that offer tours of Lower Antelope Canyon. Reservations can be made online prior to arriving or purchased as walk-ins. In peak seasons I would imagine these tours to fill up fast.

Antelope Canyon in Photos

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