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We have all seen pictures of Glaciers, but how many of us have actually got up close and personal with them? How long do we really have to enjoy these great marvels before they are all almost gone?

Kenai Fjords

Seward, Alaska is home to Kenai Fjords National Park; a relatively small national park, but one that does not disappoint.

After filling our tummies with what was probably the best Salmon Eggs Benedict of my life at the local eatery "Gold Rush," it was time to conquer another wonderful national park.

We made the short drive up the road to the park marveling at the endless Alaskan beauty along the way.

It was still very early in the season for the park to be crowded at all, so we essentially had the place all to ourselves.  We made the short hike right down to Exit Glacier.

Unfortunately, the trail up to the Harding Ice Field was still covered in snow and we had elected not to get snow shoes, so we wouldn't be able to make it up to the top. This wasn't going to stop us from adventuring though. We made it up the trail as far as we could to see a few different angles of the massive glacier in front of us.

Coopers Landing 

The next stop along the journey was Cooper's Landing to a hike that we didn't really know much about. We found the trail on Alltrails and was amazed at the few photos there were of the trail.

The trail was barely marked and very hard to find. We found the trail head nestled in what was practically someone's back yard. The majority of the hike was spent off the trail trudging through the woods up what felt like directly up the mountain. The mountain was relentless, but we kept moving determined to get to the end. As we got higher, we could see the view gradually improving. Then, the moment came. We cleared the tree line and turned around to a sight I'll never forget.

While enjoying the view, a local older couple came by and was almost shocked to see anyone else on the trail. If you're ever in the area looking for something off the beaten path, I would highly encourage this trail!

Byron Glacier

From there our journey took us a little further up the road to Byron Glacier. A short walk down a trail takes you to one of the peninsula's more famous glaciers. While much smaller than Exit Glacier, this was one still very worth the stop. We spent some time exploring the area and enjoying being in the middle of a massive canyon all alone.

In the midst of laughing and enjoying each others company, we suddenly hear a slight rumble. Our heads turn and looked up. We see a few small boulders falling from the top of the mountain. In fear that the situation could turn worse, we fled the scene taking just our memories a long with us.

Seward Highway

Finally, we continued our journey up what is known as one of the most beautiful roads in all of America. I would go as far to venture and say one of the most beautiful in the entire world.

The Alaska coastline is unlike anywhere that I have every seen. Offering what is an endless amount of million dollar views.

The Kenai Peninsula brought me memories and images that I'll never forget, another Prime Adventure for the books.

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Jordan Kennedy
Jordan Kennedy
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