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Zion National Park is filled with great hiking options like the famous Angel’s Landing trek and the Narrows. Perhaps no other trail gives you the type of panoramic views like the vista that awaits you at the end of Observation Point. The view is so good in fact, that it made it in our top five vistas in the United States national park system that we have visited thus far.

We did this hike early in January as a part of a road trip across the Utah Mighty 5. As it was in the dead of winter we were unable to tackle Angel’s Landing or the Narrows, but we found that this option was an incredible find.

Towering red jagged rock in Zion Naional Park

Start out on the Weeping Rock trailhead in Zion Canyon to Observation Point. The trail begins unrelentingly with a series of switchbacks.

If you’re struggling at this point, now may be the time to turn around. This hike is not for someone that is totally out of shape. For a group of six college students all in average shape, we completed in under 6 hours with taking our time along.

Layers of multicolored rock layers in the diverse scenery along the Observation Point Trail

The first big attraction along the Observation Point trail is Echo Canyon. Of course, when we were in the canyon we had a little fun for ourselves yelling to see how well it would live up to it’s name.

At this point you are about a 1,000 feet above the slot canyon that is a part of Echo Canyon. You are also now in a much different dynamic of the trail than you began at. You are surrounded by mountainous colorful canyon walls towering over you.

If you’re feeling a little tired, this makes for a great spot to stop and enjoy the scenery around you while preparing for the last major ascent.

A view down Echo Canyon, a slot canyon in Zion National Park

A view down Echo Canyon, a slot canyon in Zion National Park

Snow littered across a view along the Observation Point Trail in Zion National Park

Once you begin the new climb, you’ll return to a similar view that you had previously in the main canyon. The views will continue to get better and better as you climb. Just when you think that it can’t get any better, it does. Luckily the last mile or so of the trail is fairly flat, so you can relax while hiking and enjoying these amazing views.

A steep portion of the Observation Point Trail in Zion National Park

You are now standing 2,100 feet above the original canyon floor with a view from Mount Baldy. The first thing you should notice is just how far down below Angel’s Landing is!

You’ll see for miles down the canyon in-between the massive canyon walls. Take a seat, grab a friend, and enjoy the view.

The vista view from on top of Observation Point in Zion National Park

The hike down is obviously much easier than the hike up, just be careful to watch your step. The last thing you want to do is sprain an ankle. Once we started on our way down, we were down in about an hour and a half.

This hike is most certainly recommended to anyone that is in decent enough physical condition to complete it. If you’re up for the challenge, you’ll be rewarded with one of the most incredible viewpoints that you will see anywhere in the world.

PRIME NOTE: If hiking the trail in the winter time as we did, be sure to come prepared. You will most likely need some type of crampon or traction device as method of gripping the ice. Encountering large patches of ice along a narrow trail could be impassable without them. You may even be treated to a few inches of snow at the top of the trail.

We were able to make a snowman and even have a snowball fight!

Snowman made with snow at the top of Observation Point in Zion National Park

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