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May 3, 2017
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Intuition Ale Works – hands down the best brewery in northeast Florida. If you haven’t been yet, do your self a favor and hop on down there as quick as possible.

Being located  in the shadows of the Jacksonville sports complex makes Intuition a great place to catch a beer before a game or just catch up with a few friends. To accompany the great beer, their tap house has recently made a huge upgrade by adding a food counter from Black Sheep Restaurant, a Jacksonville staple.

Intuition Ale Works’ Beer

Intuition Ale Works Tap Handles

(Photo Courtesy of Facebook- Intuition Ale Works)

But enough about the atmosphere and the food. Let’s get down to the heart of what maters…the beer. No matter what your mood or favorite style of beer, you’re bound to find something to please you. I personally love beers that are full bodied and have very complex flavor profiles. The creativity and flavors that they are able to put in a glass are second to none!

Intuition Ale Works Underdark

(Photo Courtesy of Facebook- Intuition Ale Works)

To help you when walking into the taproom, I have attached my six go-to Intuition brews.


11% – Imperial Aged Stout aged in Oak Barrels – A very full bodied stout that carries every bit of the 11% ABV. On the nose you’ll get a malty richness followed by a full body filled with notes of coffee, chocolate, and even molasses. Finished by a pleasant, but similar taste. Good luck getting your hands on this beer, though. It’s a limited release once a year primarily served just in the taphouse. If you’re one of the lucky few, you may be able to get a growler fill. I’ll warn you though, people will go crazy to get their hands on it, but for good reason.

King Street Stout

8.5% – IBU 40- Imperial Stout – When you can’t get your hands on Underdark, King Street Stout can always be found. If you’re in northeast Florida, you may even be able to find it in your local grocery store.

Barrel Rested Saison

4.3 % – Sessionable Farmhouse Ale rested in red wine barrels – This for a while was my go to beer when at the brewery until they recently ran out. Here is to hoping it returns. It starts with a wonderful floral aroma that is addictive. Then on the nose there is that little bit of tart, but a little bit of sweet. It’s refreshing, but also still full bodied all the way through.

People’s Pale Ale

5%-IBU 28 – This is a must have when at the brewery as it is their flagship beer. The aroma is a full hopped aroma with citrus and pine. The body is much of what you would expect with primarily a hoppy earthiness coming from the pine accompanied by grapefruit and malty notes playing along to balance out the hops.

I-10 IPA

ABV 6.75%- IBU 65 – I am not going to sit here an tell you that this is my favorite IPA that I have ever had, but it is still a great beer. There isn’t really anything crazy going on here. It’s bright, floral, but yet a smooth and citrusy IPA . It’s perfect for sitting out on the patio on an early summer evening.

All Night Diner

10.5%- IBU 45 – BBQ Breakfast Stout – I am sure you’re already wondering what in the world a BBQ Breakfast Stout is. Well, it is exactly what it sounds like. The breakfast is the coffee that comes from my favorite local coffeehouse, Bold Bean. The BBQ is the subtle smokiness that carries all the way through from the aroma to the aftertaste, and is what really makes this beer different from any other that I have ever had.

Intuition Ale Works 1-10 IPA

(Photo Courtesy of Facebook- Intuition Ale Works)

Jordan Kennedy
Jordan Kennedy
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