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Hollywood is notorious for producing movies about college friends on road trips. I was thirsty for my own Hollywood-esque vacation when heading to college due to the many movies I watched of this growing up. It took until spring semester of my Junior year for my dream to come true.

As we continued to climb in altitude, we eventually reached a section of the trail that was impassible due to ice. I was a little disappointed to cut our hike short, but knew there would be more opportunities for hiking in the days to come.

Over the next few days, we hiked some more, shopped around, explored the city and even made our way over to Gatlinburg – a must-see place if you’re ever in the area.

That entire week, I was on an excitement high. Seeing our plans through, spending time in a gorgeous city, deepening the friendships with everyone on the trip; a true trip of a lifetime.

But by far the best part of the trip was the most random, silly and unexpected part.

We were sitting in our hotel room, complaining about the lack of snow, given the temperature outside. Boys being boys they pointed out a steep hill across the street from us and suggested one of the guys roll down it. I can’t remember who the coming moment of brilliance came from, but I am forever thankful to the mastermind of one of the best times of my life: sledding. Without snow.

We hopped in the car and headed back to Walmart to purchase a cheap, plastic sled. Having lived in Florida all of our lives, we were hopeful to experience snowfall on this trip. At most, we saw snow flurries – not quite sledding weather. But we weren’t going to let the lack of snow on the ground stop us from having our fun.

We drove around Sevierville and neighboring cities for what must have been an hour, pulling over and testing every hill we could spot. I think we can all agree that our eyes lit up like kids in a candy shop when we spotted the steepest, tallest hill around. We parked, dragged the sled up to the top and spent the next hour or two flying down that hill. That experience was full of laughter and smiles and to this day, is one of the most memorable moments of my life.

A childhood television-born dream turned reality that week in January 2015. A trip of a lifetime cemented lifelong memories for six students from the University of Central Florida. It’s a trip that I still speak of to this day and will continue to look back on with fondness until the day I die.

For some, a road trip to Sevierville, TN is a nice break from school but for me, it is something that I needed more than I thought I did. It was a trip to fulfill childhood dreams and remind me that in life, moments are more valuable than things. It was my favorite vacation. It was my Prime Adventure.

Prime Adventure
Prime Adventure
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